Collection: Sucker For Yolk

Once upon a time my husband and I were eating brunch. I exclaimed how I was such a sucker for yolk. My husband immediately called good band name! Naturally I pulled up the ever growing "good band name" note in my phone and added it.

Fast forward a couple of months the husband and I got a wild hair and wanted to get matching tattoos. We toyed with different ideas and then he had the brilliant idea of picking a good band name.

Two moments later I closed my eyes and just plopped a finger. There it was nestled snuggly between lukewarm soup and crusty tongues my finger landed on sucker for yolk. A few hours later we were leaving the shop with identical seggsy stamps.

Most people thought it said "sucker for you" because well that would probably make sense. It only seems fitting to launch "sucker for yolk" as the very first line within the Fish Bull company.